Our shop carries a wide selection of fair trade jewelry from Uganda. Bracelets, bangles, earrings, belts, necklaces, chokers and anklets with an African touch. Our jewelry is made from a variety of materials; local seeds (e.g. castor oil plant seeds), bone, wood, horn, plastic, clay or recycled paper.

Cheap, chic and cheerful ethnic beads that can drape around any neck to more formal necklace and earring sets to match your wear.

Jewelry production is a side business for some of our artisans, while they study or pursue other jobs. Both men and women, old and young are producing our Ugandan jewelry selection. Please note that some seed necklaces and jewelry are only available in season at certain times of the year.



Part of culture in Uganda is Art & craft, people`s traditions are the lead source of inspiration to craft development. People`s feelings as they respond to various events of history as well as their environments influence Art & crafts spontaneously. Constant practice of artistic skills and knowledge creates beautiful Art and Craft works and these are a source of employment in Uganda since traditional time.

Craftsmanship skills and inventiveness are a hereditary passed on from generation to generation. Uganda`s crafts basketry, black smith Iron works, woodcarvings, back cloth, woven cloths and mats and stools just to mention but a few.

Uganda`s crafts portray immense ethnic background and setting, one can make a distinction between crafts made from different traditional societies but also similarities among various crafts from the different Uganda`s ethnic groups. The unique traditional cultural practices in the various ethnic groups account for the differences seen on the different crafts.

Ethnologists allege that some crafts like the multi-headed spears are somehow connected to traditional rituals or ceremonies, or magical-religious practices. In the same line are the multi-mouthed pots that were commonly used to give the victims of the Kabaka’s (King`s) wrath poisoned beer. Among the Luo, Bagwele and the Basamya, the two mouthed pot is used in some rituals, like the birth of twins and initiating them.