About Us


We are the social enterprise arm of Nexim International Development Organization; an online whole sale and retail store for African accessories and crafts. Our products are sourced directly from artisans in Uganda who hand make these items as a source of income.

The net proceeds made from sales of these items will be invested in educational infrastructure in Northern and Western Uganda. Our organization is working with local communities to plan and build schools. The community donates lands and makes bricks, and we help purchase other materials and pay the local labourers for their work. The sale of these items also builds house incomes of the local artisans who export these hand made products to foreign buyers at fair prices.

Please find out more about NIDO and our operations in Uganda by checking out our organizational website at www.nindo.ca


We are driven by and guided by our belief that through fair trade, local communities can grow their way out of poverty if profitable markets  are opened up for their products.  It is our goal to show case these products to the international market place through e- commerce, direct sales, whole sale distribution contracts with agents both in North America and  Europe and walk in traffic at our shop in Toronto.